Glass without limitations

There are three basic types; each has its place and use.

Urethane coatings: By many to be considered the best overall coating. They combine durability with excellent UV stability, so they are suitable for outdoors use. They are not recommended for food or medical applications if the urethane is an isocyanate-based chemical.

Epoxy coatings: Are very durable coatings that are not recommended for outdoor use as epoxies do not stand up well to ultraviolet light. Generally epoxy resin will discolor from UV exposure - even indoors.

Silicone coatings: are very stable materials. Installation people often don't like working with silicone materials because they are easily damaged prior to installation.


Wall covering and cladding, spandrel panels, privacy, back splashes, countertops and column covers.

Back painted glass
Back painted glass Back painted glass Back painted glass